Aug 16, 2012


Gap. Target. Oreo. Chick-Fil-A. Do these company names bring to mind anything other than their attractive products? First there was the hype around the country about what states would allow gay marriage. Now it's not just about states and the people in them, but companies. It's worked it's way into business, and it's intriguing to see people care about the backbone of a company and not just its product.

See, I have a theory (probably not a revoluntionary one) that as the internet grows, population grows, countries grow... We are going to be more connected than ever. We are going to able to get exactly what we want whenever we want. Products are going to become less and less unique. It's going to start to be about the company behind the product, and the people behind it. In our modern age I think it's almost as important as what the company stands for, and who runs it, than necessarily what they sell or make. That is why focusing on where things are made, values in a company, brand ethos, and how a company treats employees, customers, and other people makes a difference. 

Well, as I dive into the deep end here at Dance Party Massacre and put myself more and more into the forefront of this brand. I'd like to make it plain and clear, I support gay marriage. It'd be kind of weird if I didn't, since I myself am gay.

From Day 1 the brand ethos of Dance Party Massacre has said that "We should do what we want despite what others might think. It's about doing what makes you happy, and believing in yourself, because that's how you'll survive." In the end, you (and the people that love you) are the one that matters most in your life. You shouldn't be acting, making decisions, or living off of any other people's opinions. I want to inspire people to have a little fun with life while being true to themselves, and not let the assholes hiding behind masks get you down. You have one life to live, so fight for it! 

My strong belief in following your own path has come a lot from being gay—maybe more than I realize. Having to suffer internally about this conflict, and watch how people treat others like me, made it a hard decision to be true to myself. And it's still hard to keep with it. There are such horrible people out there, treating others as “less than” when the people they judge have done nothing to deserve it. When people are actively trying to stop others from just being happy and accepted—that to me is more evil and monstrous than anything one could say about my “lifestyle”. Those angry mobs in the movies are real, and it's scary to think you're the one they consider a freak like Frankenstein. But in the end I want to live happily while I can. Life may seem a bit scary sometimes, but I want to be a survivor in the end.

I write this less as a political statement, but more as a matter of fact. I wanted to share this part of my life with all of you who have been following and supporting the brand so far. If knowing I am gay and that I support equality means you don't want to buy from Dance Party Massacre—well that sucks, but you can live how you want to. (See how that works? Live and let live.) I feel bad for you, though, because we are all an outsider to someone else. And it can be a horribly hard thing to overcome. (There sure are awholelot. of. kids. who don't think it's even possible.) But that experience of being an outcast can actually connect us, no matter how different our experiences might seem.

Maybe I am a freak, but I have a lot of friends in my life who are just as weird as me—if not weirder. If anything this is a brand about the weirdos and the outsiders; I've never been cool enough to try otherwise. But the misfits band together. We don't need to stand (or even listen to) the boogeyman trying to put us down.

Stay true,

PS-My boyfriend is from Minnesota (that guy who's been on the site before) and this November the people of that state are voting to make gay marriage illegal in their constitution. If you are from Minnesota, please consider voting against that measure. If we ever wanted to get married back in his homestate, would you really want to deny this cute couple from making a loving commitment to each other? ;)

From now until September 1st September 3rd, we will be taking pre-orders on the design below. 20% of the profits ($5 from every shirt ordered) will go to Minnesotans United for All Families; an organization dedicated to making sure marriage is allowed for all.