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                                                  TEXTILE PRINTING AND DYEING ECOLOGICAL ESTATES HOT SPRING GOLF

                                                  Zhejiang Mizuda Textile Printing and Dyeing Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in product design & cotton manufacturing, as well as jacquard fabric printing and dyeing. The Company’s 150,000 m2 factory buildings occupy 467 acres of land, making it one of China’s largest textile printing and dyeing production bases, as well as one of the top 20 players in China’s printing and dyeing industry. The company has independently developed emboss printing technology, cold pad batch dyeing technology, multi-functional fabric coating finishing technology, wet-steam dyeing technology, and other core technologies. The company’s annual production capacity has reached 100 million meters, with sales extending across more than 60 countries.

                                                  The company's quality management and environmental management systems have earned the ISO9001 Quality Management System certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System certification, Eco-textile Standard certification, Intellectual Property Management System certification, Intertek-CCFA Product Carbon Footprint certification, and White-List Management System certification.

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